Last post I talked about having my students discover their strengths and weaknesses using a multiple intelligence questionaire based on Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence theory. A good way to organize this information is to have the students complete a fish bone organizer. I find that my at-risk students really enjoy using this graphic organizer to take notes from their text books as well- go figure.
It’s not complicated. Have the students write the main topic at the front of the organizer and then write the sub topics on the diagonal lines and the main points for each sub topic on the horizontal lines. Here’s an example. I ask the students to colour code the information as well- one colour for each sub-topic. After they are completed the fish-bone, I post them on the walls of the classroom. The kids love seeing their work on the walls. I find that posting the kids work is really motivating. has a good selection of ready made organizers. I’ve been a member for a number of years and find the site invaluable. If the link doesn’t work, just paste the address into browser.

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