I have written here and here before about the topic of bullying. Bullying is an on going problem in and out of school. So, I was especially encouraged to read there is a new computer game called Fear Not that is being piloted in Europe. The player takes on the role of an invisible friend of someone who is being bullied and helps his friend by discussing possible solutions and ways of coping. The advice the player gives affects the victim.

I like the role playing aspect of the game because it allows kids to explore strategies for dealing with the issue of bullying safely in the virtual world and then use the successful strategies in the actual world.

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One Response to “Fear Not- a new role playing game to help stop bullying”

  1. Donna on April 1st, 2011 10:56 am

    Elona, I can not find any information either in your blog or at any other site about strategies for eliminating bullying of the teacher by students,other than getting others involved. I guess consequences are it?
    I would like to see some ideas to use in the classroom.This is the first year I’ve experienced this, and I’ve tried being tough, keeping them very actively involved, giving them plenty of assignments, and nothing is working. They want to laugh, talk, ignor my directions, and me,anything not to follow directions and do work. Thanks. Donna

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