When I talk to my students about goals,  many of them tell me that they don’t have any goals.  I tell them they actually do,  but they don’t realize  it.  They call their goals  plans.  The  plans that they make for later in the day ,  later in week or later in the year are really goals.   Then we discuss the characteristics of good goals.  I try to lead the discussion so that we conclude that good goals are  SMART goals and  show  the slide show below to illustrate the idea of SMART goals.   If you’d like a copy,  I’d be delighted to send you one.  Just leave a request in the comment box.

After we watch the slide show,  I have my students set their own short term, medium term and long term goals using the graphic organizer below.

Smart Goal Setting Organizer







(Strengths to use)


(Why you can do it)


(Target date)

Short Term






Medium Term






Long Term






If you’d like this as well,  just ask and I’ll send it to you as an attachment.

I’ve always had good results with this activity.  We will revisit their goals during the semester to see how things are going and to set more goals.



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