Teaching is gardening. When I’m gardening, I’m doing all I can to help the various plants in my garden flourish. If an fern or a rose bush isn’t flourishing, I don’t blame the fern or the rose bush. There’s no point. What I do is try to determine why the plants aren’t flourishing. What is it that I can change so these plants will flourish- less sunshine, more water, etc. Not all plants like the same conditions. In order for my plants to flourish, I need to differentiate the care I give them; in order for my students to flourish, I need to differentiate the care I give them, too. Plants or students, it’s all the same to me. Blaming doesn’t help them flourish. Differentiating the care I give them does.

OK, I just had this thought. If you’re good at gardening, you have a green thumb. What do you have if you are good at teaching?

I was poking around on line, wondering what other metaphors could be used for teaching. I came across the slideshare below that gives wonderful suggestions for metaphors for teachers and teaching and illustrates them beautifully. I really enjoyed watching the slideshare. I hope you do too.

Teachers and Teaching Metaphors
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3 Responses to “What metaphor would you use to describe your teaching practice?”

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  2. Mme Samson on October 14th, 2010 5:15 pm

    I happened upon this comic with the same sentiment:


  3. Bob Cole on April 30th, 2013 11:27 am

    Elona, I saw that you found the slideshare deck with metaphors about teaching and learning. I had a message with some analytics on this presentation and was blown away that some 57K people had viewed it since it was uploaded. A great example of the power of the web for linking people and ideas. I may try to update the deck with some new ones since this was created with a group of faculty here at the Monterey Institute of International Studies back in 2008. Will be interesting to see if metaphors have shifted since then. Thanks for sharing with your audience.

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