Teacher cyberbullying is a hot topic. I recently had the pleasure (?) of being able to talk about teacher cyberbully on Metro morning, Radio 1, our local Toronto CBC radio station. I talked about why and how kids and parents bully teachers using the Internet and how teachers can protect themselves from cyberbullying.

Just today I got an email from Kevin Phang who is a media associate at OnlineSchools.com. He thought I might be interested in sharing the info graphic about cyberbullying with my readers. The info graphic was created using data gathered by Professor Andy Phippen of the University of Plymouth.  I’ve shared it below. Thanks Kevin.

What do you think administrators need to do to protect teachers from cyberbullying?

Updated Nov. 8, 2015: Links to OnlineSchools.com removed at their request.

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One Response to “Teachers are victims of cyberbullying”

  1. wolfkin on November 1st, 2011 4:40 pm

    some of this has got to just be: “that’s the internet”

    there’s an extent to which I think a student should be free to say “I don’t like this teacher” right or wrong. So a bad ratings on RatemyTeacher is probably not really bullying most of the time but some of that stuff is definitely crossing the line. When you start making attack groups, and holding knives in videos that should be put to an instant stop.

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