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It’s the second week of June  and that means it’s time for students to start to prepare for final exams.  A recent study found 84 percent  of students prepare for tests and exams by rereading  the material.  Fifty-five percent of students in the study believe rereading material was the best way to prepare for tests and exams. But,rereading material  proved not to be the best way to prepare for exams. The most successful way to prepare for exams is quizzing.   Yet, only 11 percent of  students reported they quizzed themselves to prepare for tests and exams. Students who used quizzing  as a study strategy  correctly answered 65 percent of questions taken directly from text and 70 percent of questions that required inference and making connections across concepts. That is an increase of 10 percent for direct questions and a 10 percent increase for inference questions.

A 10 percent increase is significant.  I would be absolutely delighted if my students could demonstrate a 10 percent increase in their learning. In the past, I have encouraged students to create quizzes about the material as part of their study plan. But, some students were not convinced it was worth the effort.  Now, I have data to share with students  to  support the contention that creating quizzes is a successful study practice.

I encourage my students to create a learning or study plan because  it makes them responsible for preparing for exams and gives them a sense of being in control of the process. They can differentiate their study strategy to suit their individual learning preferences and strengths.


The plan includes the following headings

  1. What I need to know;
  2.  When am I going to study;
  3. How am I going to organize what I need to know;
  4. How am I going to remember what I need to know;
  5. How will I know I have learned the material I need to know.


If you like, I can email you a copy of the handout. Just leave a request in the comment box below.  I’d be delighted to share my learning plan with you.  students have told me it is helpful and have gone on to use it at college.



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  1. Christine on October 16th, 2015 7:52 pm

    please send me the learning plan!

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