I should complete my MEd by the end of July. I’ve really enjoyed the journey thus far.  I completed my teacher training  over 30 years ago and am enjoying revisiting education issues  once again after all this time.  Some things have changed  but somethings haven’t changed. I must confess, I’m always envious of new teachers because their training is more recent, and they know a lot of things I don’t know.   A lot has happened in education in 30 years. I like to keep on top of things so I’m always eager to learn from new teachers and to share what has worked for me. I like the Board’s mentoring program because it allows old experienced teachers like me to share with new teachers and vice a versa.  Experienced teachers and newbie teachers have a lot to give one another.  I bet newbie teachers don’t know how much  they can help experienced teachers. I’ve retired from classroom teaching now, but I’d love to go back and share what I’ve learned with other teachers that helped me be successful in my classroom.  Newbie teachers have shown  me  how to use new digital technology in the classroom that helped make my classes more engaging for my students.  What are some things you’ve learned from newbie teachers?

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