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Welcome to Teachers At Risk. OK, I’ll admit the name Teachers At Risk is kind of a strange name for a blog. It’s not really up-beat or cool. I’ll be the first to admit that. But, you know it’s really appropriate. I got the idea for that name Teachers At Risk from my son, Chris, who said to me one day , “Mom, your always talking about students who are at risk and all the things you do to try to help them. What about the teachers? Teachers are at risk too. I don’t hear anyone talking about teachers at-risk. What’s being done for them?” Good question I thought.

Part of my job as a special education teacher is to support students and their teachers by sharing any strategies and insights that I’m aware of that will help teachers help students. I was fortunate enough to have wonderful mentors early in my teaching career, and it made all the difference. I still love teaching (well, maybe not the paper work part of teaching) after almost thirty years in the classroom working with teenagers who are troubled, troublesome and troubling.

I’ve had some wonderfully interesting and challenging teaching assignments. I’ve taught teenagers in jail, in an open custody situation , in a vocational school, in regular public high schools and in a private school. I’ve learned a lot from my students and other teachers, and I want to share the insights and strategies that have earned me a Teacher of Distinction award. I want to mentor other teachers. So with moral support from my husband, Kurt, and technical support from our two children, Lisa and Chris who are just soooooo computer savvy, I became a blogger and Teachers At Risk was born at the beginning of August 2006.

The past eight years or so has been absolutely amazing. Readers are so encouraging and generous with their support. It’s one thing for family to say well done-I mean they’re family after all and you kind of expect some moral support from them, but when people you don’t know give you positive feed back and encouragement that’s a different thing.

There were lots of exciting moments for me because of my blog Teachers at Risk in the last eight years. Here are some

  • still writing my edublog Teachers at Risk after more than eight years;
  • having about 1 000 000 visitors during these six years from over 100  countries;
  • becoming part of an on-line community of caring people that shares with and supports one another.
  • developing an lively online professional learning community through my blog posts, emails and the comments of readers;
  • having  David Synder at The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development give Teachers At Risk a favourable review;
  • having ASCD  published a short piece I wrote about differentiating homework;
  • having Sage Publishing purchase two of my articles from my blog to put into a textbook for preservice teachers;
  • being  able to share  the cool stuff I’ve learned about the technical aspects of blogging and other digital technology; and,
  • being nominated for  Edublog’s  Best Individual Blog  for 2008.

I completed my MEd – Teaching , Learning and Development in 2013. The journey was so positive. I hope to share some of the insights I gained along the way. I love being a teacher, and I love being a student.  I feel blessed that I have been able to do both.


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